About us

The company’s beginnings

The story of the company began 50 years ago when the couple Roman and Slava Belič started a locksmith trade. The production program included the production of telescopic grandstands for sports halls, the upgrading of utility trucks, the production of panelling for construction companies and the manufacture of commercial equipment.


In 1982, the opportunity to expand the activity presented itself and the first private automated line for electrostatic powder coating of metals was set up in Slovenia. During this period, the company had 14 employees and it manufactured and powder coated metal products intended mainly for the automotive industry of the companies Revoz Novo mesto, Black&Decker, Tomos, Cimos and Agis.

Soon, the needs for larger capacities emerged, so an additional automated line for electrostatic powder coating and a manual paint shop with a furnace were set up.

Introduction of new technology

In the search for new challenges, the technology of powder coating of MDF boards for the Swedish furniture giant Ikea was implemented in 1999. In 2006, as a proof of commitment to quality, the company successfully implemented a quality management system and obtained the ISO 9001 certificate.

Today, we offer customers electrostatic powder coating services on two state-of-the-art automated lines of the German manufacturer Wagner. With knowledge and modern equipment, we ensure a high degree of repeatability of the process and consequently a constant quality of service. For the highest requirements with regards to the corrosion resistance of products, such as, for example, in the automotive industry and medicine, we have introduced a five-stage chemical pre-treatment system, with which we are achieving excellent results.

We try to exceed the needs of our customers. We pay special attention to the quality of the service, which is why our customers keep coming back.


In 2006 obtained and regularly maintained ISO 9001 certificate confirms our commitment to quality. With the policy of continuous development and improvement of the existing system, we ensure the competitive advantage of our company, which includes flexibility, cost reduction in accordance with the requirements and expectations of the customers, reliability and timeliness of deliveries.
We also operate in accordance with the standards of quality management and quality assurance systems in the automotive industry VDA 6.1, medical devices
ISO 13485 and the IWAY standard of the Swedish furniture company IKEA.


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We have over 30 years of experience and knowledge of powder coating technology. We perform the services in a quality and fast manner and we adapt to the specific requirements of our customers.