Work process

Friendly to the working environment and nature

The process of powder coating is a very clean process that does not harm health or the environment. Powder coatings are made of 100% dry matter and do not contain solvents or other toxic substances. During the process of coating, there is no emission of vapours into the environment and they do not endanger the health of people working with them.

The durability of coated products

With an efficient five-stage chemical pre-treatment system, the products are well-protected against corrosion and other external influences.
The results of durability of the products during the salt chamber test: iron: 600 hours, aluminium: 1000 hours.

Measurements and documenting the process

We perform measurements in a laboratory; we measure the thickness of the coating as well as the adhesion of the coating and the hardness of the coating layer on the coated products. We also offer coating of sample pieces and preparation of documentation for the process of confirming serial production for the requirements of the automotive industry, production of medical devices etc.

Quality of final products

We have more than 35 years of experience in powder coating. Our employees are experts in their field of work and participate actively and responsibly in the work process.

Powder coating ensures an even, durable and smooth surface on the product. All coated products are checked before shipment in terms of quality and are protected for transport.


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We have over 30 years of experience and knowledge of powder coating technology. We perform the services in a quality and fast manner and we adapt to the specific requirements of our customers.